Tehran (IP) - Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) summons the Italian Ambassador to Tehran over the country's hosting terrorists.

Iran PressIran news: Following several Italian MPs' hosting an infamous terrorist in the country's Parliament, Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Director General of the Western Europe Office on Thursday.

The Director-General of the MFA's of Western Europe pointed out to Giuseppe Perrone that Italy had better not violate its international obligations to fight terrorism by hosting terrorists, calling their act a clear example of promoting violence and terrorism, which is never tolerated by Iran anywhere in the world.

The Iranian top diplomat noted that supporting terrorism does not help Italy to have constructive relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Still, it will just tarnish the image of Italy in public opinion.

He referred to the MKO's assassination of 17,000 Iranian people and called on the European country to take severe measures in order to prevent the country from turning into a shelter for terrorist groups.


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