Tehran (IP) - Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its latest statement condemned baseless and fabricated claims of some Swedish media against the Islamic Republic of Iran while urging paying attention to the sources of these fake news to make clear their flagrant falsehood.

Iran PressEurope: The Statement reads:

"In a situation where the crimes, inhumane behavior, genocide, and the horrible and shameful acts of the Israeli child-killing regime against the innocent people of Palestine have shocked the whole world and hurt the hearts of all the free people of the world, unfortunately, some of the Swedish media, have cited the false and baseless claims of the media and institutions affiliated with this brutal regime and published false and fabricated statements against the Islamic Republic of Iran."

"Sweden’s security service on Thursday claimed that Iran using a criminal networks to carry out violent acts against Israel."

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs then stated: "In rejecting these strange claims, it is enough that their source is the media and intelligence and security apparatus of the Israeli regime. The intelligence and security apparatus of the regime whose history of falsifying news and reports during the genocide of this regime in Gaza has been proven to everyone.
In such a way that despite the brutal killing of innocent people in broad daylight, by producing fake news and reports, it acquits himself with full arrogance and shamelessly justifies his shocking crimes."
Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs then reiterated: "The Swedish media is expected not to trust the claims and reports published by the Israeli regime and to use their capacity to stop the crimes of the Zionist regime in Palestine in line with the global trend."

Anti-Iranian remarks in Swewden is due a suspected shooting incident near Israel’s embassy in Stockholm in May, and the discovery of an explosive device outside the same embassy in January, Swedish police increased security around Israeli and Jewish interests within the country.

The Security Service declined to comment on specific attacks but according to a statement obtained by Reuters from an Israeli official, the January incident was carried out by a criminal gang.

Sweden’s security service didn't provide any evidence to connect Iran and suspected criminal gangs.


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