The fourth plane carrying the humanitarian aid of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the earthquake-stricken people of Syria landed at Aleppo International Airport (northwest Syria) on Wednesday evening.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to the officials and medics with more than 7,108 people dying in Türkiye and at least 2,530 in Syria, total deaths reached 9,630. But Rescue workers at the sites in both countries say that the situation is worse than expected and could still increase dramatically with severe cold weather.

Regarding the cargo of this plane, Salman Nawab Noori, the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Aleppo (northwest Syria) said: "The cargo of the fourth plane of the Islamic Republic of Iran's aid to the Syrian people, which arrived at Aleppo airport, includes tents, dates, rice, canned tuna and two pallets of pasta and tomato paste.

Earlier, three planes carrying relief support from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the people affected by the recent strong earthquake in Syria had arrived in this country.

The first plane unloaded its cargo at Damascus airport, the second plane landed at Aleppo airport, and the third plane landed in Latakia unloading its cargo there.

Among countries offerinf relief to Syria, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the leader in sending humanitarian aid and foiling Western economic sanctions against the Syrian people. 219