Syria strongly denounced the expansion settlement plan by the Israeli occupation in the West Bank.

Iran Press/ West Asia: “Syria condemns, in the strongest terms, the approval of the so-called Israeli government to legalize the establishment of five settlements in the West Bank and give the green light to establish thousands of settlement units in existing settlements, in addition to other punitive measures imposed on the Palestinians," Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

The ministry added that the occupation entity proves day after day that it does not attach importance to International law, disregards the relevant Security Council resolutions, and continues to commit genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for nine months, claiming the lives of more than 37 thousand martyrs, mostly children, and women, in addition to tens of thousands of injured.

The ministry confirmed that the Israeli occupation’s genocide against the Palestinians and its settlement construction policies would not have been possible without the political and military support provided by the United States.

Syria renewed its call on the UN and Security Council to assume their responsibilities to stop Israel's crimes, put an end to all forms of occupation and settlement, and provide protection for the Palestinian people and their inalienable rights.


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