Sudan (IP) - The Sudanese students gathered before Khartoum University to show their protest to the country's normalization of ties with the Israeli regime.

Iran PressAfrica: During the protest gathering held on Monday evening, the students set fire to the Israeli regime's flag, condemning Abdul Fattah al-Borhan, the president of the Sudanese military government, over the normalization of ties with the regime. 

The organizer of the protest gathering told IranPress that the people of Sudan were against the normalization of relations with Israel and that during the past years, they fought alongside the Palestinians against the occupying Israeli regime.

Ali Muhammad, a protesting student, told IranPress: "The students' message to the occupying Israeli regime is clear: Sudanese do not negotiate with this regime and do not recognize the existence of the Zionist regime."

Alawiya al-Nayer, a female student, said the majority of Sudanese people were against the normalization of relations with the Israeli regime and would stand against it by continuing the protests.

The people of Sudan believe that the normalization of relations between the country and the Zionist regime has no benefit for them. 

Since 1948, Israel has been arresting, kidnapping, killing Palestinian people, and destroying their homes.


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