Sudan (IP) - Sudanese people took the streets once again to oppose the return of the Prime Minister to power in the country.

Iran PressAfrica: Thousands of protesters rallied in the streets of the Sudanese capital city of Khartoum as well as other cities of the country, condemning the political agreement signed between Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and the chairman of the Sovereignty Council Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

The demonstrators stressed that the political agreement to bring Hamdouk back to power would legitimize a military coup in Sudan. 

The people also stressed that they would continue their protests until the fall of the army and the end of the imposed military rule in Sudan. Sudanese police fired tear gas at protesters, injuring several people.

After signing a political agreement between the military and civilians in Sudan, opponents of the agreement staged protests. Protests are continuing. 


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