IP- Coffee can do more than make your employees happy; here is a list of some of the top benefits of providing coffee to employees.

Iran PressHealth: Read on to discover the top benefits of providing coffee to employees.

1. Helps employees socialize

Sharing a pot of coffee with other employees can help break the ice. It can help employees to socialize and create a comfortable working atmosphere.

New employees can meet their co-workers in a shared common area. Departments that don't work together can meet each other, too, potentially increasing interdepartmental cohesion.

On average, employees have about four coffees (or teas) per day. This leaves plenty of time to bump into other employees and interact with them.

Sometimes, a quick coffee break and a catch-up with a colleague can be all the boost an employee needs. After hours of work in a cubicle or at a desk, it can be a significant boost to motivation and morale.

2. It can help employees learn faster

Coffee (and caffeine) doesn't only help with alertness. It can help employees learn new things faster. In a study, at least 200mg of caffeine (2 cups of coffee) boosts your brain's information processing abilities.

The more alert a person feels, the faster they can pick things up and process them. Another study showed that over 24 hours, coffee could reduce forgetfulness. It also showed that those who drank caffeine after studying retained more information.

By giving your employees a coffee area, you give them a chance to learn new things faster. It will also help them to remember how to do their work processes. Including industry-related reading material in the coffee area may help improve performance.

3. It can help form an office culture of openness

Socializing at work isn't only about giving employees a break and the chance to make new work friends. It can also help create a working culture of openness.

Employees will connect with others from different departments, which helps inter-department relationships. Having in-office coffee breaks also provides positive energy for the office.

4. It'll improve time efficiency

Almost all Americans drink coffee during the workday, even if it's not from their workplace. So, when you consider this stat, if you're not providing it, your employees will take time out to go get it elsewhere.

You may lose working time in the morning, during lunch, in the afternoon, or all the above. As we've mentioned already, you'll risk employees suffering that midday slump too. Especially if they can't get a refill from the morning.

5. It's a morale boost

As we've seen, science has proved that coffee helps increase employee productivity. But studies have also shown that it can help improve mood and morale. In fact, it's one of the simplest ways to boost morale if you're not providing it already.

Employees like to know they have a nice hot cup of coffee to look forward to when they get into work. It makes them feel more excited, and look forward to completing their journey. They also know they can expect to feel comfortable during their workday too.

6. It can boost productivity

Caffeinated hot beverages can help employees remain focused with better concentration. And for those suffering the midday slump, it can help them climb over that hurdle.

Our brains produce a chemical called adenosine. It's the chemical that regulates a person's feelings of tiredness. You start to feel tired as adenosine levels rise in your brain.


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