Islamabad(IP): The senior Sunni Cleric of Pakistan in an exclusive interview with Iran Press stressed that the Muslim Umma must put aside their differences at this time, and collectively stand for the freedom of Palestinians and the liberation of First Qibla.

Iran PressAsia: Talking to Iran Press while emphasizing the need for the unity of the Muslim Ummah regarding the issue of Palestine, the famous Sunni cleric of Pakistan Molana Qazi Abdul Rasheed said, "I believe that the Muslim Ummah is like one body and one soul, just as the parts of the body are interconnected, the pain of the eye makes the whole body restless, the headache makes the whole body suffer from fever,  The mutual relationship of the Muslim Ummah, which is a religious and moral relationship, requires that the Muslim Ummah consider the suffering and pain of the Muslims of Palestine as its suffering and pain."

He added that It should be like the Muslims of the West grieving over the suffering of the Muslims of the East and the Muslims of the East would feel the pain of the Muslims in the West. Allah's help is in unity and togetherness, within it there is force and weight, confusion reduces the weight and strength, Allah the All-Mighty says in the Holy Qur'an that mutual conflict reduces strength, so togetherness creates strength".

He further added: "Accordingly, we appeal to the Muslim Ummah to forget their differences at this time, to put aside their other compulsions, and to put their other goals to one side as well, and with collectiveness stand for the freedom Muslims there, for the freedom of First Qibla. For the sake of freedom and the protection of the Muslims there, the Islamic world should stand together, and the Muslim rulers should also fulfill their responsibilities.  Let's come together while promoting collectiveness, and help the Muslims there, this is the demand and need of the time, and keeping this need in mind, we are organizing a program in Pakistan on December 6, which will send the message of unity. Although work has been going on individually but now the message of collectivity should be conveyed as per the need of the hour. " 219

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