Gaza (IP)- The attacks of the Zionist regime on various areas of the Gaza Strip have entered their 60th day, and these barbaric attacks continue day and night, and the number of Palestinian martyrs and wounded is increasing every hour.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The images of the Israeli regime's attack on Jabalia and Khan Yunis (north and south of Gaza) show a large amount of destruction and an increase in the number of martyrs.

News sources have announced the number of martyrs of the Gaza war to be 15,900. Ashraf al-Qadara, the spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, announced that 70% of the martyrs of the brutal attack of the Zionist regime on Gaza were children. Due to the continuous attacks of the Zionist army on Gaza, it is necessary to send urgent humanitarian aid to the area, and Gaza hospitals are providing medical services to the wounded with minimal facilities.

In the shadow of the inaction of the international community and with the support of the United States and its other supporters, the Zionist regime has once again resumed its brutal attacks on residential areas in Gaza after a week of temporary ceasefire.

There is no safe place in Gaza, and even the Zionist army attacks schools and hospitals, while according to international law, places providing humanitarian services should not be targeted. 219

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