Tehran (IP) - Russia and Iran should develop a roadmap to reduce trade dependence on currencies that can be used as a sanctioning tool, the two countries said in the declaration on ways and means of countering, easing, and compensating adverse consequences of unilateral enforcement measures.

Iran PressIran news: "The states should develop a roadmap to lower dependence of international trade on national currencies that can be used as a tool of implementing unilateral enforcement measures or to preserve the monetary hegemony of a specific state in the global economy," the declaration reads, with its text posted on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"Government and private property and assets, including banking accounts, bonds, real estate, and consular and diplomatic premises and facilities enjoy the immunity and should not be subject to freeze, withdrawal or confiscation, or restriction in any form as a result of unilateral enforcement measures implemented by any authority.

Jurisdictional immunities of states and the immunity of their property should be constantly observed and protected against implementation of unilateral enforcement measures," the declaration stresses.


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