Tehran (IP) - The President of Iran said: "Iran will be able to build vaccines inside the country, relying on its scientists, and will be able to mass-produce them by providing the necessary infrastructure."

Iran PressIran news: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday at a meeting of specialized National committees of the Coronavirus headquarters: The government will also use its internal power to ensure the health of the people, and has also taken effective steps to purchase vaccines from countries that have already obtained safe vaccines.

Rouhani said: "Extensive testing and tracking of patients as one of the main strategies of the comprehensive plan to combat coronation should be done vigorously because by increasing the tests to 100,000 per day, tracking patients and their relatives are the most important step to reduce deaths.

The health committee of the national coronavirus headquarters also presented a report about the steps of making and obtaining the vaccine, presenting Iran's achievements in this field to the World Health Organization and registering Iran among the vaccine manufacturers in the world, as well as the measures are taken to purchase foreign vaccines.