Tehran (IP) – Attending the open session of the parliament on Tuesday, the Iranian president elaborated on his proposed Minister of Labor, Cooperatives and Social Welfare.

Iran PressIran News: Ebrahim Raisi attended the open chamber of the parliament on Tuesday morning to propose Mohammad Zahedi-Vafa as the new minister of labor, cooperatives and social welfare.

In explaining the indicators for selecting the proposed minister of labor, cooperatives and social welfare, he said: "Having the spirit of fighting corruption and enforcing justice, especially for this ministry, was one of the basic conditions of our selection. The role of justice-seeking spirit, seeking rights, and seeking change is very important for all bodies, especially for this ministry, and we see this characteristic in him."

"As I have declared many times and shown in my behavior, the issue of a corruption-free life and healthy communication and fighting against unhealthy communication is one of my main conditions for selecting and introducing people; of course, sometimes we are reported about the presence of corrupt people in provinces or cities, which we dealt with if we found this issue," the Iranian president said.

He noted that in addition to the three education, social and health commissions of the parliament that examined the plans of the proposed minister, the head of the article 90 commission also announced that he had examined the plans of the proposed minister.

He said that it is necessary to interact with the people, especially the retirees, and during the time when Mohammad Zahedi-Vafa was the acting minister, he managed the issue of the retirees.

Former Iranian Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Hojjatollah Abdolmaleki resigned from his post after coming under mounting criticism over his job creation record and insufficient rise in retirement pensions.


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