Russian President arrived in Beijing on Tuesday to meet with Chinese President on a trip aimed at strengthening the trust and “no-limits” partnership between the two countries.

Iran PressAsia: Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping on a widely watched trip aimed at showcasing the trust and "no-limits" partnership between the countries.

His attendance at a leaders forum in the Chinese capital this week is not only a rare foreign trip for the Russian leader, but also an opportunity to pay homage to Xi's signature Belt and Road infrastructure initiative.

The forum centres on the Belt and Road initiative, a grand plan launched by Xi a decade ago that he hopes would build global infrastructure and energy networks connecting Asia with Africa and Europe through overland and maritime routes.

In only his second known trip abroad since the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for him in March, Putin and his entourage flew into the Beijing Capital International Airport on Tuesday morning.

He was greeted by the Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao.

It is also the Kremlin chief's first official trip outside of the former Soviet Union this year, after visiting Kyrgyzstan, a Turkic republic with Soviet past, earlier this month.

Putin last visited China for the Beijing Winter Olympics in February 2022 when Russia and China declared a “no-limits” partnership days before the Russian president sent tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine. 219

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