Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the conflict in Gaza Strip did not look like war but rather total destruction of Gaza Strip’s people.

Iran PressEurope: 'Reffering to the dire situation in Gaza, the Russian Presidnet Vladimir Putin said: "We believe this is a result of US policy. They monopolized the peace process."

“What is happening now in Gaza does not really look like a war, it is some kind of total destruction of the civilian population,” Putin said at a meeting with representatives of the management of global news agencies in St. Petersburg on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum on Wednesday.

Russian President pointed out that his country’s relations with the Arab countries are characterized by trust, noting the importance of establishing and recognizing a Palestinian state.

And in another context, Putin reiterated his condemnation of the West sending weapons to Ukraine, pointing out that the sending of Western weapons constitutes direct participation in the Ukrainian crisis.

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