Rouhani: Noor satellite launching was a national success

Tehran (IP) - Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has hailed the launch of ‘Noor’ satellite by IRGC as a valuable national success.

Iran PressIran news: In a phone conversation with the IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami on Friday, Hassan Rouhani congratulated the successful launching of the 'Noor' satellite to IRGC’s young experts.

Pointing to the Coronavirus spread and public concern about it, president Rouhani also appreciated effective cooperation of IRGC, especially Basij, in fighting the virus, and stressed that amid the pandemic, the new achievement boasts of double value.

"Fortunately, there is a very good solidarity and unity in the country in the face of the deadly disease," Rouhani added.

"Armed forces, particularly IRGC, have always been in line with maintaining security and stability and fighting terrorism in region and this is welcomed by freedom seekers across the world," Rouhani said.

General Salami for his part, thanked president Rouhani’s attention to the new IRGC’s achievement, hoping for the continuation of this process and more successes in defense sector in future.

In the following, General Salami presented a report on the efforts of the IRGC forces in combating the COVID-19 alongside with other institutions and said that the IRGC will be with the people, until full elimination of the disease.

"IRGC is fully prepared to counter enemies' excessive demands, fight terrorism and ensure stability and lasting security in the region," he noted. 207

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