Tehran (IP) - Iranian President has said that Iran is working to establish stability in Afghanistan as the country's first need today, and to reach this goal, Iran is inviting all groups to reach a national agreement.

Iran PressIran news: In talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ebrahim Raisi called security, stability, and welfare the right of the Afghan people and stressed: "Iran is working to establish stability, which is the first need of Afghanistan today as a neighbor and brother country and is inviting all groups to reach a national agreement."

Pointing out that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the rule of the will of the oppressed people of Afghanistan has always been a source of security and stability, Raisi said: "By monitoring the development in this country, Iran is committed to its neighborly relations with Afghanistan."

"The military defeat and the withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan should become an opportunity to restore life, security and lasting peace in this country," he underlined.

Raisi also instructed the foreign minister and secretary of the Supreme National Security Council to report to the President on development in Afghanistan.


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