Niger (IP) - The people of Niger, especially the youths, took again to streets and held demonstration against France.

Iran PressAfrica: People in Niyami, the capital of Niger, held a demonstration carrying placards containing anti-French slogans.  

They also carried placards that read: "We have Allah who is the beast of supporters."

Two days after the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) announced after a meeting in Akra, the capital of Gana, that a military option is still on the table against Niger, the people held a protest gathering.  

Niger's people oppose the potential France-backed military intervention of ECOWAS in their country and advocate the political status quo in Niger while calling for the country's dependence on France. 

After a coup was formed in Niger, the country's people protested against France's continued presence in their country. 

They demand the total withdrawal of the French military forces from their country, thus holding protest gatherings outside France's military base in Niyami. 


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