Islamabad (IP)- Ambassador of Palestine in Pakistan Ahmed Jawad Rabaei attended an art exhibition by school children to show solidarity with Palestinian kids. The Ambassador appreciated the work of school children and encouraged their cause.

Iran PressAsia:  In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Ambassador Ahmed Jawad Rabaei said, "What's happening in Gaza now for more than four months is genocide, genocide against our people, our children, seventy percent are the children and women, they killed by the Israeli occupation."

He further added, "When I see our kids here, I am very proud of them, it means a big message to the students, to the children in Palestine. Here Pakistani kids send a message that you are not alone, Palestinians are not alone, you are stronger, we are with you, and with God's will we will live in peace all the children. And it's a big message from Pakistan for the children, I am very proud of them."


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