Islamabad (IP)- The senior journalists from print and electronic media have strongly condemned the war crimes of Israel.

Iran PressAsia: Talking to Iran Press, a senior journalist and analyst Mohsin Reza Khan said, " Whatever the actions of Israel are, it not only the actions of Israel but the United States is also involved in its cover. It is American aggression and Israel is just a puppet through which the US wants to control the Gulf and the Middle East.

US President Biden has just announced that the Arab countries are ready to recognize Israel, which is very sad. The sentiments of the people of the Arab world are different, but the rulers are playing in the hands of America, even the ongoing bloodshed in Gaza could not shake them, but the helplessness of these rulers has increased to such an extent that Israel is not ready for a ceasefire even after the resolution of the United Nations Security Council.

Israel continues its barbaric and cruel actions. So the importance of observing Al-Quds Day is the whole year, on Al-Quds Day, a strong message should be sent from the Islamic world, but we see that the hearts of the people of the Islamic world beat with the Muslims of Gaza, but their rulers don't care about it at all."Abdul Rasheed Chughtai, a senior journalist said while talking to Iran Press, " Imam Khomeini (R.A) highlighted the importance of observing Al-Quds Day and there is no doubt about it, he said to observe Al-Quds Day on the last Friday of Ramadan.

Al-Quds Day is very important for Muslims because the Zionist occupation there is in a way occupying the aorta of Muslims and as much as it is painful for Muslims, its freedom is obligatory. This is not the problem of Ira only, but the problem of the entire Muslim Ummah, it is the problem of Islam, even for us it is the problem of religious revival. The Jews are causing us pain because of the Al-Quds Day, and now they have attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus, we strongly condemn it, and we offer our condolences to the Iranian government, the President, and the Iranian nation.

It should be fully answered so that this does not happen to another country tomorrow. We salute those martyrs because they sacrificed their lives not for Iran but for the Muslim Ummah. We strongly condemn this act of Israel. We condemn, this act as an aggression and terrorism, so every Muslim should respond to it."Another senior Editor and journalist Abdul Wadood Qureshi said while expressing his thoughts with Iran Press, " Al-Quds Day is coming on this Friday, which is very important. Iran initiated it in the entire Muslim Ummah and they observe Al-Quds Day vigorously and the rest of the world also celebrates the Al-Quds Day with enthusiasm.

The efforts Iran has made in support of Palestine are commendable and no other country has done so much. We strongly condemn the heinous act of Israel and the attack on the Iranian embassy. Our best wishes are with the Iranians and whenever the time comes we will stand with Iran. The people of the Muslim Ummah and the journalists are together and their hearts cry tears of blood for Palestine but the Muslim rulers are not ashamed that they are enslaving America and are not doing the way they should have helped Palestine at all.

Everyone should stand with Iran because only Iran is supporting the Palestinians like a naked sword."Talking to Iran Press, Nasir Naqvi said, " In the current situation, the Day of Al-Quds has become very important.

The idea of the Day of Al-Quds was given by Imam Khomeini (R.A), and this time, because of the oppression that Israel has done to the Palestinian Muslims, the Day of Al-Quds has become very important. All Muslims, regardless of race and color, should participate fully in it and send the message that Muslims are united on this issue. They will never allow the ambitions of the Israeli regime to succeed. Wherever there are wars, no embassy is targeted, the ambassador of any country is a messenger of peace. 219

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