Islamabad (IP)- The students from Islamabad expressed their feelings in the form of paintings and drawings against the ongoing persecution of the oppressed Palestinians by the Israeli regime. The event was attended by famous personalities and people from different walks of life.

Iran PressAsia: Well-known artist and former minister Jamal Shah addressed the audience at the exhibition and said that saluted the perseverance and courage of the Palestinians, they are fighting against oppression, and we all have to raise our voices for our Palestinian brothers and sisters. And justice must be given to the oppressed.

Speaking on this occasion, Deputy Head of Mission of Palestine Nader Al Turk said that atrocities in Palestine are atrocities against humanity, and the people of Palestine have exposed Israel to the world. He said that today the so-called face of human rights has been exposed by the representatives of human rights, including the United States, and the ceasefire resolution of the United Nations is not being implemented.

Nader Al Turk added that if human rights are not taken into account in Palestine today, then tomorrow there will be no human rights anywhere in the world. Addressing the artists and the participants of the exhibition, the renowned religious scholar Allama Ahmad Iqbal Rizvi said that the world is watching oppression in Palestine, the oppressed Palestinian children, mothers, and young people are being martyred, while America and Europe are supporting Israel.

He said that Hamas has failed all the plans of Israel and that Israel will meet its end soon. A large number of citizens of the capital city visited the exhibition to support the Palestinian cause and to encourage young artists. The Honourable guests distributed certificates and prizes to the best artists according to the jury's judgment.


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