IP- Pakistan's former Prime Minister Imran Khan said his anti-government march on the capital Islamabad will be resumed on Tuesday from the same point where he was attacked and wounded on Thursday.

Iran PressAsia: Addressing a press conference on Sunday at Shaukat Khanum Hospital in the northeastern city of Lahore, where he is being treated, Khan said the march will take another "10 to 14" days to reach the garrison city of Rawalpindi, which borders Islamabad, where he himself will join the marchers to move towards the capital.

Khan had called off the "long march" on Thursday following a failed assassination attempt on him in the Wazirabad district of northeastern Punjab province, governed by his center-right Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party.

He was wounded in the leg when shots were fired at him and other officials standing on the top of a modified container truck.

At least one person was killed and over a dozen others, including two lawmakers, were injured in the attack, which sparked widespread protests and condemnations from across the globe.

“A sea of people from across the country will throng Rawalpindi,” Khan, donned in a blue hospital gown and slumped into a chair, said, adding: “Until then, I will be addressing the march daily from here (hospital).”