The governor of the US state of Oregon said Friday she is sending state troopers and sheriffs deputies to Portland through the weekend to help monitor a rally in the city by the Proud Boys a right-wing Pro-Trump group, and counter-protests.

Iran PressAmerica: Portland has been racked by often violent protests for more than three months, following the police killing of George Floyd in the US state of Minneapolis, which prompted a nationwide movement against police brutality and anti-Black racism.

Demonstrations that went into a lull during Oregon’s recent wildfires resumed this week, driven by a Kentucky grand jury’s decision to not indict officers in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor.

Governor Kate Brown told reporters she is exercising her gubernatorial authority to place Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese and Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton in charge of Portland’s public safety on Saturday and Sunday.

Brown said that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler supports the plan.

In advance of the planned Proud Boys rally on Saturday, Brown said she is incredibly concerned about the increased risk of violence in Portland this weekend and the safety of all Oregonians.

Portland Mayor Wheeler has banned local police from using tear gas.

Organizers have said the Proud Boys rally will support US President Donald Trump and the police.

The city denied a permit to protest organizers, citing estimated crowds of thousands amid the coronavirus pandemic. But police said they will not try to stop the Proud Boys from gathering at a park in northern Portland.

“If you want to come to Oregon, to Portland, to peacefully protest, to assemble, to voice your outrage, to voice your concern – we welcome you for that,” Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton who is in charge of Portland’s public safety on Saturday and Sunday said.

“If your job and your intent is to come to Oregon to commit crimes, to provoke, to make people feel unsafe in their homes, then we do not want you to come here.”