The group of ambassadors of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states (OIC) held a special meeting in Geneva on Friday, May 24 2024 to commemorate the late Iranian President, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and their martyred companions at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva

Iran PressEurope: Ambassadors and representatives of Islamic countries including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Niger, Brunei Darussalam, Iraq, Libya, Azerbaijan, Sudan, Palestine, Algeria, Maldives, Guyana, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh expressed their condolences and sympathy to the government and people of Iran.

Ali Bahraini, the ambassador and permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations in Geneva, pointed out the importance of world unity in the thought of the martyred president and foreign minister of Iran and said:

"The Islamic world will not forget President Raisi's steadfast defense of the Qur'an in the United Nations General Assembly against the insolence of those who dared to desecrate the Holy Qur'an with the support of the West."

He also pointed to the unceasing efforts of the late martyred Amir-Abdollahian to restore the rights of the Palestinian people and the freedom of holy Quds and said that Amir-Abdollahian can be considered one of the steadfast fighters of the Palestinian liberation path.

In the end, he expressed his hope that the people of Iran, the Islamic world, and humanity will continue to benefit from the legacy of these martyrs to achieve peace, justice, and prosperity. 219