Niamey (IP) - Niger people gathered in front of the French military base in Niamey and celebrated the victory over the departure of the French ambassador.

Iran PressAfrica: Following the protests in Niger, The French ambassador was forced to leave Niger.

The people celebrated the issue on Sunday evening and emphasized the continuation of the protests until the withdrawal of French forces from Niger, according to Iran Press.

Niger Commanders, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and civil groups also participated in the celebration. "Niger has gained its true independence and the people of Niger succeeded in expelling the French ambassador from their land," said the Niger youth to Iran Press.

The Niger citizen added that it is time for the French military forces to leave and Niger is moving towards an unprecedented and brilliant situation.

It was emphasized by the citizen that with the political and military withdrawal of France from Niger, the real independence of the country will be gained and decisions will be made independently with the sovereignty of the people of Niger.

Another Niger citizen in the celebration told an Iran Press reporter that all the people of Niger will be proud when the French forces leave Niger completely.

"France steals resources and wealth of the people of Niger," said the citizen, calling France a "rebellious country."

The citizen went on to talk about the desire of the Niger people, saying after the expulsion of the French ambassador, the withdrawal of the French military is the next desire of the people of Niger.


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