Tehran(IP)- The unveiling ceremony of "Irik Spectrum" microwave radiation system with the aim of atomic analysis of elements as well as the improved gamma self-protection system to eliminate agricultural products and pets was held on Sunday with the presence of the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

Iran PressIran News:  The microwave radiation system "Irik Spectrum" was built for the first time in the world with the most advanced technology for atomic analysis of materials by Iranian specialists.

The system offers a simultaneous and rapid analysis of several elements regardless of their concentration levels with high accuracy and has many applications in the environment, pharmacy, food, chemistry, and other industries.

Also, the improved localized self-shielding gamma irradiation system to eliminate pests of agricultural products was unveiled today.

The system can irradiate bulk agricultural products such as grains and legumes, it also causes disinfection, controls of germination reduction of storage pests, and increases the storage time of products by reducing the microbial load and destroying food spoilage microorganisms.

The irradiation method has many advantages compared to other pest control methods, such as the use of poisons, chemical pesticides, etc., including high reliability, permeability, ease and simplicity of use, fast and continuous process, and equipment packaged and without any harmful residue after the mentioned process.


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