Dec 09, 2019 00:07 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 09, 2019 00:14 Asia/Tehran]
  • Above 800 Yemeni kids maimed in Saudi-led aggression
    Above 800 Yemeni kids maimed in Saudi-led aggression

Yemeni Ministry of Health's Spokesman Yousef Al-Hadhri said more than 800 Yemeni children have been permanently disabled after being wounded in military attacks of the coalition of Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Iran Press/Middle East: They have totally lost the ability to walk or move, the official said referring to the disastrous condition of about 11 million children who are suffering from the Saudi-led aggression.

About three million children who are under five are suffering from malnutrition because their country has been under military blockade in the past five years, he added.

Saudi Arabia started the war in Yemen in 2015 which has claimed the lives of thousands, wounded tens of thousands and dislocated millions of Yemenis and faced its poor Arab neighboring country with the severe shortage of food and medicine.

Over 6,000 children have either been killed or sustained serious injuries, the UN children’s agency said.

The humanitarian situation in the country has exacerbated by outbreaks of cholera, polio, and measles.



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