Apr 12, 2018 19:04 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 05, 2020 21:27 Asia/Tehran]

Senior adviser to Iranian Leader said in a meeting with President Bashar Assad that the 7-year-old war against Syria has not weakened the country.

Senior adviser to Iranian Leader Ali Akbar Velayati said in a meeting with President Bashar Assad on Thursday that the 7-year-old war against Syria led by US has not weakened Syria or strengthened Americans since then.

During the meeting, the two sides conferred on the latest regional developments, the status of bilateral relations, as well as the recent US threats against Syria's territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

Velayati congratulated President al-Assad and the Syrian people on defeating terrorists in the eastern Ghouta and liberating its people and riding them of the terrorists’ crimes.

“It has been seven years since a full-scale war was waged against the Syrian people and government, directly led by the United States and involving tens of other countries,” Velayati said.

Velayati noted that the nation, government and army of Syria are now more prepared than ever before.

He added that Trump’s positions used to shock others when he first took office, but now they are just treated with derision.

President Assad on his part stressed than any possible military action by the West against Syria will lead to further instability across the region; “the possible attacks that the US and the West are talking about will ultimately endanger the international peace and security,” he added.

The Syrian president went on to say, “any victory achieved by the Resistance forces unsettles the Western countries and prompts them to take suspicious actions in a bid to change equations on the battlefield.”

“The threats of attacking Syria raised by the US and the West are based on lies fabricated by themselves and their takfiri mercenaries,” Assad said. “Such fabrications were made after Washington and its allies learned about the liberation of Eastern Ghouta and their plans for the region were foiled.”

Both Tehran and Moscow are giving Damascus a helping hand in its countrywide counter-terrorism battles. Iran has been offering military advisory assistance to the national Syrian army, while the Russian air force is providing air cover to its ground operations.