Tehran (IP) - The Commander of the Zulfiqar-99 Joint Drill of the Army Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that the main stages of the drill of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran will start tomorrow and will last for three days.

Iran PressIran News: Addressing the reporters on Wednesday, the senior military official said: "The main stages of the exercise will be held with the presence of units of the Navy, Air Force, Defense Forces and Ground Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army in an area of ​​two million square kilometers in the eastern waters of the Strait of Hormuz, Makran coast, Oman Sea and North Ocean India up to 10 degrees north."

Noting that the exercise will be conducted in three stages: intelligence, tactics, and show of power, he added: "Ships, submarine, jet fighters and helicopters, and part of the equipment and weapons available in the Army Combat Organization are present in this exercise, the most important of which is the powerful presence of the Fateh (victorious) home-made submarine."

Admiral Sayyari stated that this great drill will show some aspects of the authority and readiness of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran to face in a real war situation and noted: "Improving the combat readiness and capability of the naval, air, defense, and ground areas in conducting joint exercises and countering trans-regional threats by practicing operational plans and ensuring their adequacy in the face of any possible aggression are among the goals pursued in this exercise."

The commander of the Zulfiqar-99 Joint Drill of the Army referred to the Heliborne operation, as well as a ground offensive to capture the beaches and a decisive confrontation with the enemy, as other drills envisaged in the exercise.

He pointed out that offensive and defensive drills and electronic information gathering are carried out simultaneously during the exercise using deployment, tactical and maritime systems, stating: "In this exercise, the Iranian long-range drone Simorgh, in addition to the reconnaissance mission, will take part in combat and offensive operations against enemy vessels, and will hit enemy vessels with smart and precise bombs."

The commander mentioned the control and security of the region and international waterways as the goals of the Zulfiqar-99 exercise and went on to say that the security of the West Asian region and its vital and strategic routes depend on the indigenization of security with the constructive participation of all countries in the region and the prevention of the domination and presence of foreigners and trans-regional forces in the waters of the region which over the past fourteen years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always relied on its internal strength and the use of faithful, committed and young forces to achieve this important goal.

Referring to the slogan of the exercise, 'Sustainable Security in the Shadow of Defense Authority', Admiral Sayyari said: "The enemies of the Islamic Republic should know that in case of any strategic mistake, the geography of the battle and the Islamic Republic of Iran's response to their actions will not be limited to West Asia and they will face a wide battlefield."

Safeguarding territorial integrity against threats and ensuring sustainable security is inevitable in the country in all circumstances, even in the time of the coronavirus crisis, and the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other armed forces must be prepared to deal with threats in different situations which is one of the examples of maintaining the readiness to hold planned exercises and combat exercises, the high ranking military official highlighted.


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