Türkiye (IP) - Several organizations, charitable groups, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Kashmir have collected aid for earthquake victims in Syria and Türkiye.

Iran PressAsia: The death toll from the earthquake that hit Türkiye and Syria climbed to more than 38,000 on Tuesday, with the United Nations warning that the final number may double.

NGO based in Kashmir named 'We the Helping Hands', collected aid and sends them to earthquake victims in Syria and Türkiye.

Umar Wani, the head of the organization, said in an interview with the IranPress reporter on the ground, immediately after the people were asked to help the earthquake victims, many people announced their readiness to help, and three trucks of aid were collected in just one day.

"Clothes, blankets and sleeping bags, and other needed items have been collected, and in the next step, sending food to the earthquake victims will be on the agenda," Umar Wani announced.


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