Jundishapur University echoed UNESCO’s motto much earlier: Director-General

Tehran (IP) - Director-General of UNESCO said that what the international body trumpeted as its motto, Iran's Jundishapour University echoed 1,750 years ago.

Iran PressIran news: In her message to the third International Jundishapur Congress held on Tuesday, Audrey Azoulay said: "the fundamental principle on which the international body was based, was the one echoed 1,750 years ago on the facade of the University of Jundishapur in Iran: 'Science and knowledge, virtue and wisdom', are more important than force and sword."

In the opening ceremony of the international conference celebrating the 1,750th establishment anniversary of Jundishapour University, Audrey Azoulay stated that the university has played a crucial role in Iran’s historical excellence in science. 

"In ancient times, Persia was a center for scientific achievement and a conduit of knowledge – from China and India in the East, to Greece and Rome in the West," she added.

She pointed out that in keeping with this heritage, Iran was one of UNESCO’s key partners in knowledge and science generation. 

The Director-General of UNESCO emphasized that the commemoration of the establishment anniversary of Jundishapur University was an opportunity to embrace and promote the scientific heritage the body was honored to represent.


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