Nablus (IP) – The Israeli regime's soldiers killed four Palestinians and injured 22 others in a clash with resistance fighters in Nablus.

Iran PressMiddle East: In order to achieve their occupation goals, the Zionists attack different areas of Palestine daily and kill, injure or arrest Palestinians.

Confirming this news, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that Wadi al-Houh, one of the commanders of the Erin al-Aswad resistance group, was killed in an armed confrontation with the Israeli regime's forces in Nablus.

According to the report, with the martyrdom of al-Houh, the number of martyrs in these clashes reached four people.

In this report, the Ministry of Health of Palestine also highlighted that more than 22 people had been injured in these clashes; four of them were reported to be in critical condition.

Before Wadi al-Houh, two Palestinian youths were killed in a conflict with the Israeli regime's forces.

An Israeli journalist said that the events of Tuesday morning in Nablus were unusual and unprecedented due to the intensity of the clashes.

According to the report, the military operation of the Israeli regime in Nablus was carried out to neutralize the large-scale attack of the Erin al-Aswad group.

The rights of the oppressed Palestinian people have been crushed under the boots of the Zionist occupation regime for over seventy years. During this time, the regime in Tel Aviv committed the most brutal crimes against the Palestinians.


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