The Israeli Minister of War has expressed concern about the imminent expiration of Iran's missile embargo, calling on the international community to take action against the Islamic Republic's missile program.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Yoav Gallant made the comment at the Berlin press conference with Boris Pistorius, the German Defence Minister on Thursday.

Gallant also made note of the UN missile embargo against Iran, which is expected to expire next month. He warned, "The Iranian drones that kill innocent civilians around the world are just the promo for what we will soon see if the missile embargo on Iran expires in a month. Iran will have freedom of action to distribute advanced missiles. And all that, alongside the race to obtain military nuclear weapons."

Gallant repeats this baseless claim against the Islamic Republic of Iran while the Zionist regime's child-killing army continuously targets innocent Palestinian people with its war drones.

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According to the provisions of Resolution 2231 of the United Nations Security Council, which was issued about eight years ago to approve the JCPOA, the restrictions imposed by this organization regarding the activities related to Iran's ballistic missiles will expire on October 18, 2023.

The UK, France, and Germany's decision to prolong sanctions against Iran, originally scheduled to conclude in October, is in violation of international law.

London, Paris, and Berlin have announced their intention to maintain sanctions against Tehran in connection to its peaceful nuclear program and ballistic missile development.

In a letter addressed to Josep Borrell, the EU's chief of external affairs, the three European nations that are parties to the agreement, commonly referred to as the E3, claimed that Iran had significantly violated the 2015 nuclear deal.

Despite these sanctions, the Islamic Republic has been able to incredibly strengthen its defense capability, relying on young Iranian scientists.


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