Israeli forces demolished a mosque under construction along with several other structures in Umm Qusah to the south of al Khalil city in the occupied West Bank earlier today.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Muhammad Yatimin, the director of a local school near the mosque, the Israeli authorities cited the lack of necessary building licenses as the reason for the demolition. "A freshwater well used by a school was also destroyed," he pointed out.

Palestinians are rarely granted building permits by the Israeli authorities, especially in occupied Eastern Jerusalem al Quds. The Israelis charge Palestinians an extortionate amount, which is unaffordable for most people. The system creates a loophole for Israel to annex more land and leave Palestinians in limbo by preventing them from developing their infrastructure.

The Israelis also bulldozed a livestock structure in Khamis Al-Jahalin along with two similar facilities in Bir Al-Maskoub in occupied Eastern Jerusalem al Quds. Under international law, the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem al Quds are occupied territories and all Jewish settlements are illegal.

All of the structures demolished today were located in an area of the occupied West Bank classified as Area C, which is subject to full Israeli control.

Israel's ongoing demolition of Palestinian homes and illegal settlement construction, which have both accelerated following some Arab countries' decision to normalize relations with Tel Aviv, has become a major source of concern.