Tehran (IP): The Chancellor of the University of Islamic Denominations stressed Islamic Ummah must be united and support each other.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the 'Memorial for the Palestinian martyrs' ceremony, Mohammad Hoseini stated that the world powers occupied Afghanistan, like the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union, and now the US has occupied it for twenty years.

He added that the people of Afghanistan fully understand and support the oppressed Palestinian people.

Mohammad Hoseini said: Muslims are not indifferent to each other. Even Americans and Europeans reacted to the crimes of the occupying Zionist regime and took to the streets to condemn them. Also the New York Times has published photos of sixty-six Palestinian child who were victims of Israeili crimes.

Since 1948, when illegitimate Israel began its activities, Muslims had also opposed it, said the official.

The Iranian people also provided political, spiritual, and even defense support to the oppressed Palestinians, he underlined. 

On the day of the funeral of Martyr Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Esmail Hanieh called him the Martyr of Quds, Hosseini added.

If in the past, the Palestinians defended themselves with stones, now they defend themselves with missiles, he said.

According to Hosseini, for 73 years that Palestine had been occupied, the Islamic world must help to liberate it.

As another keynote speaker, Molavi Atigholah Sharifi, an afghan thinker said that Muslims must support Palestinians’ rights.

Sharifi noted that Israel had committed innumerable crimes against Palestinians, so it was our duty to stand against those crimes by condemning them.

Reported by Arezou Raoufi Rad