A senior IRGC Commander has said that Iranian people disappointed the enemies with their massive attendance of the 11 February rallies, giving the enemies a slap in the face.

Iran Press/Iran news: The top commander of the Tehran division of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Yazdi, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday has said the Iranian people slapped the enemy in the face with their massive turnout in the 11 February (22 Bahman) rallies marking the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.  

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He added the enemy could not accept the calm and peace enjoyed by the people of Iran and they plotted against us. Thus they decided to carry out a terror attack inside Iran which was worthless from a military and security perspective.  

Pointing to the Warsaw Conference, Brigadier General Yazdi said: "In the Warsaw conference they saw that our people are more resilient and united, the enemy understood that our people are united, and the world, by and large, ignored the Warsaw conference, and the enemy was defeated in Warsaw.

Brigadier General Yazdi added: "The terror attack, if anything, made us more united. Our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the security of this nation have brought shame and disgrace upon the enemy. The world turned its back upon our enemies in Warsaw".   208/211/103


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