Fars(IP): The Chief Commander of the Revolution Guards Corps said that Israeli and American officials are behind the riots and have many dreams for Iran that will not come true.

Iran PressIran news: Major General Hossein Salami, Chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, stated on Thursday at the conference of flag bearers and jihadists of the resistance economy of Fars province, south Western Iran, saying that today Islamic Iran is progressing and moving forward under the guidance of the Leader of the Revolution.

"The enemy does not want people to enjoy peace; These days, various projects are being built and inaugurated, the enemy wants Iran to be ruined, but despite their wishes, Islamic Iran has emerged as a great power in the world," he added.

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Major General Salami stated that the enemies are fleeing from the region of the world and they are very worried these days; he added: The Israeli and American authorities talk about the so-called freedom of Iran, and they openly interfere in Iran's affairs and play the leading role behind the scenes of the riots, but the Iranian people stood up and gave martyrs and did not join the American movement and our people know very well that what American dream for Iran will be. The enemy has many dreams for Iran, but these dreams will never come true.

The Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, referring to the enemy's plots against Iranian youth, noted: They want our youth to be nurtured with Western thought and make them listen to their nonsense; The enemy does not want Iran's security; When the youth of the Iranian national team win on the world stage, they make them feel sad.


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