(IP) - The spokesperson for Iran's Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) emphasizes the pivotal role of voter turnout in enhancing national unity and thereby bolstering the country's security posture.

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier General Ramezan Sharif, on Thursday, underscored the significance of the upcoming March 1 elections in thwarting adversarial attempts against the Islamic Republic.

With parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections scheduled for Friday, General Sharif stressed that these electoral processes empower the Iranian people to shape their future.

He highlighted the integral role of citizens within the framework of the Islamic Republic, asserting that their active participation in elections determines the trajectory of national affairs.

He recalled the unwavering presence of the Iranian populace since the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, noting their meaningful contributions during periods of security challenges, including the Sacred Defense era.

Expressing optimism for robust citizen engagement in the upcoming elections, the general reaffirmed Iranians' wisdom and steadfastness, particularly in times of sensitivity, as they uphold national unity and the country's authority.

Iran is scheduled to hold the sixth term of elections for the Assembly of Experts and the 12th term of elections for the parliament on March 1.

Notably, there are two distinct elections on the horizon: the Assembly of Experts election, which aims to elect 88 members for an extended eight-year term, and the parliamentary election, which will determine representatives for a standard four-year term.


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