Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Science, Research, and Technology said the country welcomes the presence of Iraqi scholars for education, teaching, and research.

Iran PressIran news: Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and  Scientific Research Naeem Al-Aboudi who arrived in Tehran on Saturday met his Iranian counterpart Mohamad Ali Zolfigol on Mar.5, 2023.

Iranian Minister of Science Mohammad Ali Zolfigol for his part stressed the continuation of the cooperation.

Zolfigol referred to language learning as one of the tools for understanding and formation of common interests and suggested the establishment of Arabic and Farsi language teaching centers in the two countries universities, among the priorities of the two parties.

Still, he pointed to some common challenges between the two countries, such as environmental issues, and said that the two countries can allocate special credits to solve them.

"As you know, the climate change has caused water shortages in two countries; perhaps this climate change has also changed the cultural climate, such as cognitive science and Internet of Things, which can be the basis for future cooperation," said Zolfigol.


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