Iraqi commander praised Iran\\\'s help to defeat Daesh

The head of the Iraqi al-Fath Alliance has said that the Iraqi people do not forget Iran's helps in the fight against the ISIS terrorist group.

Iran PressMiddle East: Hadi al-Ameri said on Saturday on the anniversary of Iraqi Supreme Religious Authority Ayatollah Sistani's order to form a Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) that if he did not issue the order, Iraq would remain on top of the news.

"The positive response of the generous people to the fatwa of the Grand Marja and the move of the Iraqi youth to take part in fighting ISIS spoiled a great conspiracy against Iraq," he noted.

"We also do not forget the regional and international cooperation in supporting Iraq in this battle, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran, which stood in the holy war of the Iraqi people against Daesh from the very beginning, and this support had a great impact on defeating terrorism," al-Ameri said.

Saturday, June 13, coincides with the sixth anniversary of the issuance of the historic fatwa of Ayatollah Sistani on the fight against ISIS terrorist group, as a result of which Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) was formed. 104/207

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