Tehran(IP) - A group of people gathered in 'Palestine Square' in Tehran's downtown, to show solidarity with the people of Gaza and celebrated the successful operation of the 'Al-Aqsa flood' operation by Hamas and Palestinian Resistance forces in the occupied territories.

Iran PressIran News: Saturday lighting Palestinian Resistance operation dubbed as the Al-Aqsa flood against Israel faced support from many Muslims and non-muslims across the world including in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Similar events are also being held in other cities across the country.

According to Iran Press News Agency, In this rally, which officially started on Saturday at 19:00 PM, the attendees chanted 'Down with Israel', 'Down with America', 'Allahu Akbar', (God is great), 'Labaik ya al- Aqsa', 'Labaik ya Palestine', 'Labaik ya Khamenei' voiced their support for the Palestinian resistance.

The flag of Palestine and pictures of martyr Soleimani are also seen in the hands of those present.

Similar events are held in other cities of Iran namely Holy Mashhad and Zanjan, Tabriz, Kerman, and Abadan.

Palestinian Resistance forces have launched their biggest operation against Israel in years in a surprise offensive that combined fighters crossing the fence into Israeli-occupied cities with a heavy barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran said that the "Al-Aqsa flood operation" opened a new chapter in the field of resistance and armed operations against the occupiers in the occupied territories.


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