Tehran (IP) - Deputy Coordinator of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army and the Commander of the Zulfiqar-99 Joint Drill of the Army Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said on Thursday that in case of any miscalculations on the enemies' behalf, they all will be regretful forever.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking to the correspondents, Rear Admiral Sayyari called the drill exercised by the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran as an indication of Iran's power in defeating enemies.

Iran's top military official went on to warn that the enemies should know in case of getting close to Iran's borders and resources as well as threatening its interests and territorial waters, they will be dealt blow to the extent that they will regret it forever.

"This was only a part of Iran's power of opening fire on the shore to show the enemies in case of any aggression the tough situation like hell will await them," highlighted Admiral Sayyari.

Referring to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution's remarks that Iran is never after other countries' borders, he called West Asia as the region in which Iran plays an important role in establishing security and there will be no need for the foreigners' presence in the region.

"But others foment insecurity in the region and the drills signal the message that in case of any miscalculations in the region through harming our interests or getting close to our shores they will be regretful," concluded Admiral Sayyari.

Admiral Habibollah Sayyari 's remarks came on the sidelines of the Zulfiqar-99 Joint Drill, kicked off on Thursday.

The main stage of the 3-day Zulfiqar 99 Army Joint Drill has started this morning in the Oman Sea with the slogan "Sustainable Security in the Shadow of Defense Authority."


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