Tehran(IP)- The spokesman of the Iranian government stressed that France should stop the naked violence against the people of the country who are protesting against racial discrimination.

Iran PressIran news: "Ali Bahadori Jahromi ," the spokesperson of the Iranian government, wrote on his Twitter account: "I wish the French government would at least exercise restraint on the eve of the new year and stop naked violence against the people of the country who protest against racial discrimination, stop it."

Violent clashes between the French police and the Kurds protesting the killing of three people in the past days continued with cars being overturned and set on fire, objects being thrown at the officers, and tear gas being fired back in Paris.

Earlier Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman had also condemned the violent and racial attack in Paris that killed a number of innocent people.

Nasser Kanaani, while expressing sympathy to the victims' families, said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is very concerned about the endangerment of people's lives, especially Muslims, minorities, and immigrants."

Kanaani also emphasizes the need for restraint by the French police in dealing with peaceful gatherings of protesters.

Iran advises France to respect minorities' rights

Head of Government Information Council Sepehr Khalaji, in a message, advised the France government to respect the rights of minorities and ensure their safety.

Two hundred arrested, six killed and wounded in just 48 hours in Paris!, Khalaji wrote on his Twitter account.

He added that we advise the French government to refrain from violence against the peaceful protesters.

Mr. France! don't beat people, don't shoot them with tear gas, be kind to your people, listen to them, respect the rights of minorities and ensure their safety, he noted.


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