Tehran (IP) – The Syrian ambassador to Iran said that the two countries relations are growing and believes the relations have to get more flourished.

Iran PressIran News: Shafiq Dayoub called for increased communication and the removal of existing barriers and challenges on the way of Tehran-Damascus ties.

Dayoub pointed to the sanctions imposed by the West on the two countries and said: "We have to stand together to counter sanctions and have a long-term roadmap to neutralize them."

"The Syrian Government and Foreign Ministry will support all the steps taken according to the instructions of the relations between the two countries," the ambassador added.

He highlighted that the trade volume between the two countries has doubled but still has not reached the desired level, so efforts to increase the ties are necessary.

Strengthening and expanding Iran's investments in Syria, using the investment law 2021, which provides the necessary exemptions, extensive participation in the reconstruction of infrastructure, encouraging the two countries to resolve the transportation dispute, remove customs barriers, also an agreement to reduce customs tariffs from four to zero percent, were among the issues to fulfill the elevation of ties.

The Syrian envoy underlined: "This sort of conference is an opportunity to present ideas and formulate short-term and long-term plans," expressing hope that more meetings and exhibitions would be held to strengthen cooperation.


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