Mexico (IP) - The captain of Iran's national taekwondo team won the bronze medal in the World Championship.

Iran PressIran Sport: On the fourth day of the 25th edition of the World Taekwondo Championship, Iran's national taekwondo team had two representatives in the weights categories of +87 kg for men and +73 kg for women. Finally, the third bronze medal of the Iranian national team was won by Sajjad Mardani.

Sajjad Mardani, the captain of the Iranian national team, who had won a silver medal in the 2013 World Championships in Mexico in the city of Puebla, won the third world title in Mexico's city of "Guadalajara" this time.

Earlier Reza Kalhor in -68 kg and Mehran Barkhordari in -80 kg were able to win 2 bronze medals.

The 2022 World Taekwondo Championships is the 25th edition of the World Taekwondo Championships and is held in Guadalajara, Mexico from 13 to 20 November.


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