Four construction projects of water and electricity industries inaugurated via video conferencing with the presence of the President and the Minister of Energy on Thursday, July 2

Iran Press/Iran news: These projects include the first phase of the second line of water supply to Shiraz from Dorodzan Dam, water supply to Saadat Shahr city, Shiraz wastewater treatment plant No. 2, and Larestan 10 MW solar power plant, the value of which is estimated at 1400 billion Tomans.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Iranian President thanked all the employees and engineers in the Ministry of Energy and the private sector and said that today 99% of the residents of the cities and 82% of the people in the villages use purified drinking water.

Rouhani also added that in the 11th government, a reservoir dam is opened every two months, a rural water treatment plant every month, and an urban water treatment plant every 50 days.

Pointing out that before the revolution, the total number of refineries in the country was four, Rouhani said that today there are 242 wastewater treatment plants in the country.

Rouhani said that one of my dreams was for the officials to promise the people with a precise and regular schedule, because talking with a precise plan, gives hope to the people.

Rouhani also pointed out that out of 53 dams on the western borders, 24 dams have been opened in the 11th government, adding that the development of western lands, especially cities that were at the height of attacks in the war and partly occupied by the enemy, is one of the government's priorities.

Expressing his happiness that the Sharaf Shah Reservoir Dam opened near the city of Soomar, which was occupied during the war, Rouhani said that the water of this dam will develop Soomar.

Referring to the importance of the geographical location of Soomar on the Iranian-Iraqi border, Rouhani said that the city is located near the Iraqi city of Mandali and is the closest route to Baqubah and northern Baghdad, Samarra and Iraqi Kurdistan, and it can become an important border city for the exchange of goods with Iraq. 101

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