Iran's exports to Pakistan in 2023 have reached about one billion dollars with a growth of 13% compared to last year.

Iran PressAsia: The Islamic Republic of Iran has always prioritized and in this context, the pursuit of ways to expand bilateral cooperation has been the focus of Iranian authorities and neighbors.

Pakistan's Ministry of Commerce announced that the country's imports from Iran last year (2023) reached 944 million dollars, which has increased by 13% compared to the previous year.

It should be mentioned that Pakistan had imported more than 834 million dollars of goods from Iran in 2022.

Also, Pakistan has officially exported 155 thousand dollars to Iran in 2023. This figure for the previous year was 21 thousand dollars.

The trend of Pakistan's exports to Iran has been decreasing since 2020, however, the country's imports from Iran have increased 2.5 times, from 372 million dollars in 2020 to 944 million dollars in 2023.

The analysis of trade statistics between Iran and Pakistan shows that the balance has always been in favor of Iran in terms of value over the past 10 years. 219

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