Athens (IP) - The Iranian ambassador to Greece tweeted that the Iranian oil tanker release order has been confirmed.

Iran PressEurope: Greece seized an Iranian-flagged ship last May 2022.

The navy of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) also seized two Greek oil tankers in response to the Greek government's action to stop the Iranian ship due to violations in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf.

Iran's move came after the Greek ambassador to Tehran was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry and asked to refrain from piracy.

According to Iran Press, the Iranian embassy in Athens, referring to the cancellation of the Iranian oil confiscation order by the Greek Court of Appeals, announced that the issue will remain on the agenda of intensive consultations between the two countries until full implementation is ensured.

Iran's ambassador to Greece, Ahmad Naderi, also tweeted: "Following intensive follow-up, the Greek Court of Appeals will overturn the initial court ruling on the confiscation of Iranian oil and the entire oil shipment will be returned."


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