Malaysia (IP) - The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Malaysia announced the designation of two ballot boxes in Malaysia and the border of Singapore for the holding of the 14th presidential election.

Iran PressAsia: "Waliullah Mohammadi Nasrabadi" clarified: Two polling stations for the fourteenth presidential election for the participation of Iranians living in Malaysia and the state of Johor, which borders Singapore; will be deployed.

He added: The establishment of a polling station in the state of Johor, which borders Singapore; provides a very good opportunity for Iranians living in this country to participate in the elections on Friday.

Mohammadi pointing to the preparation of these two ballot boxes by providing equipment and coordination with the Malaysian government for the necessary security during voting, said: "Information about the date and venue of the elections has been given to Iranians living in both Malaysia and Singapore through the embassy website, social networks and related groups."

He also added: "Guardian Council supervisors have been introduced to Tehran and received their orders. The members of the voting branch and the executive committee have also been determined."

Mohammadi noted: "In general, all necessary facilities and arrangements have been made for the holding of the 14th presidential election on Friday, June 28, and the ballot stations are open in Singapore from 8 am to 6 pm local time for their massive participation in this election."