Tehran (IP) - A Russian business delegation of Russian women entrepreneurs spent four days in Tehran with Iranian women entrepreneurs discussing the framework for economic cooperation.

Iran Press/Iran news: A permanent exhibition and trade complex is to be established in the city of Kaspi in the port of Makhachkala in Dagestan to supply Iranian products.

In an interview with Iran Press, Soraya Shareghi, Director General of Women and Family Affairs of the Tehran Governorate spoke about the importance of these consultations saying the Russian businessmen and women entrepreneurs are interested in enhancing economic cooperation with Iran.

The Director-General of Women and Family Affairs of Tehran Governorate stated that the Russian business delegation welcomed the products of women entrepreneurs in Iran to be used in the Republic of Dagestan.

Shanghai stated that the Russian delegation proposed to establish a free trade center in the Republic of Dagestan and to present all the products of Iranian women entrepreneurs in this center.

The Director-General of Women and Family Affairs of Tehran Governorate said that presenting Iranian products in the trade center of the Republic of Dagestan is a good opportunity for the countries of the Eurasian region to see and buy Iranian goods by attending this trade center.


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