An Iranian official has criticized the behavior of world powers in face of the COVID-19 pandemic as unfair and contrary to the spirit of democracy.

Iran PressEurope: Tehran's representative in parliament and chairman of the executive council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Ahmed Naderi who is attending the Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament in Vienna said on Thursday that during the conference he focused on "COVID-19 and Democracy".

Naderi said that Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, some countries are oppressively and unjustly putting a lot of pressure on other countries to dictate their orders and demands.

He believed that parliaments could prevent anti-democratic actions through proper legislation.

Naderi said that the Iranian delegation during the conference mainly focused on the need for respecting all cultures and issues of indigenous values, and stressed that parliaments can prevent acts contrary to democracy with proper legislation.

According to the lawmaker, the meeting stressed that Iran is still a victim of terrorism backed by some human rights defenders.

He explained that some Western countries in recent years, on the one hand, have promoted Islamophobia at home, and on the other hand, by supporting extremism and takfiri groups, have spread hatred in other societies, and this has affected many nations. And it has created endless violence that requires consideration by the world's parliaments.

The parliamentarian said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been a victim of terror, assassinations, and violence in the last four decades. 

Naderi underscored that the late IRGC Quds Force commander Ghassem Soleimani was the leading figure in the fight against terrorism.